O Son Of Adam

O son of Adam O daughter of Eve,
Open your eyes, dark paths now you leave.
Why are you treading on road so black?
It will lead you to thorns, this rose track.
Wake up. Oh Stand. It is still not late.
Be a believer. Come out of bait.

O son of Adam O daughter of Eve,
Open your eyes or else you will grieve.
Hold onto the words Lord has revealed.
Bathe in His mercy, wounds will get healed.
Pray Him alone, to whom you belong.
The Hour is truth and it is not long.

© Muntazir
Picture Credit

5 thoughts on “O Son Of Adam

  1. Beautiful 🥰. It’s never too late. Just get up.

  2. Nice poem dear Muntazir 😊❤

  3. Really a beautiful prayer for humans .specially for new generation who is forgetting the true path of life.awesome poem like a fresh flower of rose,dear Muntzir!!

  4. The simple yet complex beauty of our fall into consciousness. Thank you for this great poem.

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