Poetry (English)

I Sit Beside

I sit beside the lake,
Collecting blue tulips
Which float on the red water.
Smoke and dust has filled the sky.
Ashes with the wind come
And stick to my wounds,
From which, now and then,
A thick drop trickles
Down and down,
All way to the lake.
I caress the grass with
Three fingers, as my mother would have,
My wounds.
The soil smells like her,
And so smells the ash, of her.
Red clouds above, in the sky
And around, smoke and dust,
But I sit beside the lake,
Collecting blue tulips.

© Muntazir
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Poetry (Hindi-Urdu)

मंज़र ए इमरोज़

मंज़र ए इमरोज़ में क्या कोई अंसार नहीं है
क्यों यहां बशरियत का कोई दीदार नहीं है

दर ए तौबा ख़ाली और शहवत ख़ानों में भीड़
पर कमाल यहां कोई गुनहगार नहीं है

जमियत ए मोमिन माशाअल्लाह बरक़रार है
हाशिए पर है पर हाशिया बरदार नहीं है

हक़ है हिदायत है ज़रिया ए नूर कुरआन
अल्लाह से इलहाम है सिरिशतादार नहीं है

बर वक्त थाम लो पकड़ लो रसन ए ख़ुदा
अब्द ए अल्लाह के लिए अज़ाब अन्नार नहीं है

منظر امروز میں کیا کوئی انصار نہیں ہے
کیوں یہاں بشریت کا کوئی دیدار نہیں ہے

درے توبہ خالی اور شہوت خانوں میں بھیڑ
پر کمال یہاں کوئی گنہگار نہیں ہے

جمعیت اے مومن ماشاءاللہ برقرار ہے
حاشیے پر ہے پر حاشیہ بردار نہیں ہے

حق ہے ہدایت ہے ذریعہ اے نور قرآن
اللہ سے الہام ہے سرشتہ دار نہیں ہے

بروقت تھام لو پکڑ لو رسنے خدا
عبد اللہ کے لیے عذاب النار نہیں ہے

© Muntazir
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Published Works

Water Spills

Published in Spillwords Press

… I slit the veins all visible
To see the colour of my blood,
It slowly trickles down.
Ad infinitum spills water

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Poetry (Hindi-Urdu)

ऐ क़ल्ब ए मुज़्तर

ऐ क़ल्ब ए मुज़्तर ओ ज़ेहन ए परेशां
इस बयाबाँ से आगे है एक चमनिस्तां

ग़ुबार ए आह कब तक तेरा साज़ रहेंगी
हवाएं सुन आज बनी हैं हुदा ख़्वाँ

अल अर्श पर बैठे वो ‌अल ग़फ़ूर हैं
फिर देर किस बात की तू हो जा पशेमां

जौलाँ ए फ़ित्नातिल महया को तोड़ दे
आने वाला है माह ए पाक ए क़ुर्बां

ताइर ए उन्स उड़ने को बेताब सदियों से
फ़िजा ए क़ल्ब खोल के चल बन जाए इंसां

اے قلب مُضطر و ذہن پریشاں
اس بیاباں سے آگے ہے ایک چمنِستاں

غُبار آہ کب تک تیرا ساز رہینگے
ہوایں سُن آج بنی ہیں خدا خواں

ال عرش پر بیٹھے وہ الغفور ہیں
پھر دیر کس بات کی تو ہو جا پشیماں

جولاں فِتناتِل محیا کو چھوڑ دے
آنے والا ہے ماہ پاک قرباں

طائر اُنس اڑنے کو بیتاب صدیوں سے
فضا قلب کھول دیں چل بن جاۓ اِنساں

© Muntazir
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Poetry (English)

The Sun Rises

The sun rises from my
Shattered womb. My each dawn bleeds,
Bleeds to see the light.

The fragments of my
Body collapse, soul runs free
In moonlit desert.

Specks, specks of sand slip,
In barren desert I wait
For my guiding star.

Sure the night will pass.
White thread will be seen from black.
Sun will rise again.

© Muntazir
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Published Works

For A Moment

Published in Visual Verse (VOL. 07 CHAPTER 09)

… Let us keep aside our fears,
Let us loose ourselves from all shackles,
Let us let us, let us just stand there still,
Eyes closed, breaths slow …

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Poetry (English)

There Are No Scars

There are no scars, no wounds,
No hollow, no voids.
All the spaces are filled
With weightless white clouds,
Vanishing slowly, so slowly,
In the layers of blue sky.
From the cuts are emerging
Little leaves.
She closes her eyes to feel
Their roots getting deeper and deeper
Into the skin,
Binding her together, holding her,
Inch by inch, moulding her.

© Muntazir
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Poetry (English)

Oceans And Skies

Oceans and skies float in her eyes,
At horizons she sits cross-legged.
Leaving behind all miseries, pains,
Far from the hypocrisies wretched.

The water, the winds, these waves,
Wrap her in their blessed arms.
She hides in the fog, the mists,
Breathing in the holy warmth.

Drop by drop assimilating in the blue,
Drop by drop annihilating in the blue.

© Muntazir
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Poetry (English)

O Traveller

O Traveller walk forth,
Till you reach the eternal gardens
Beneath whom rivers flow,
The desert is vast,
But do not get lost.
Just follow the righteous path,
Hold on to the rope.
The sand is hot,
But your Lord is near.
O Traveller walk forth,
Save thy heel
From the burning fire.

© Muntazir
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Published Works


Published in Visual Verse (VOL. 07 CHAPTER 08)

… Birds and dog, eh!
And we? We are where?
Neither in picture, nor in words,
But you weren’t able to erase us …

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