Poetry (English)

I Do Not Have

I do not have colours.
With fingers I make random lines
In blue sky,
Where all can see it and see it not.
Are they really random? Or
They mean something,
I do not know and know you not.
Isn’t it peaceful
To draw what none can see,
To write no one can read,
In the blue blue sky.

© Muntazir
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Poetry (English)

The Blank Sheets

The blank sheets,
Stacked neatly under the
Marble weight,
Look out of the window,

It is raining.
The droplets fall into puddles,
Forcing out the inhabitants.
Taking their place.

She must be coming now,
They think.
They love her,
Her touch, her smell.
In a hurry she enters the room
And comes straight to them.
She too loves them,
Their touch, their smell.

She is wet,
It is raining.
But then, she is wet

She fills the blank sheets
With grey clouds,
While her eyes form
Many puddles.

© Muntazir
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Published Works

Who Is Trapped ?

Published in Visual Verse (VOL. 07 CHAPTER 02)

… The cloud turns into a duster
and begins to erase
My blue sky,
leaving behind traces of
black and Yellow light …

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Poetry (Hindi-Urdu)

रात अंधेरे में

रात अंधेरे में गर कोई ख्वाब देखो तो
बैठ जाना उठकर और दीपक जला लेना
रोशनी की लौ वो कोई गीत गाएगी
कुछ न कहना तुम बस उसको देखते रहना
स्याह पट्टे पर कलम उजली चले तो क्या मज़ा
आइना बनकर कलम काली उठा लेना

© Muntazir
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